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Hearts 4 Romania


Please help us and email to find out how you can make a difference to these needy children.


HEARTS FOR ROMANIA, a non-profit charity established to restore love and care unto the forgotten children of Romania. Our mission is to:  

A Hearts 4 Romania missionary giving
love to an orphan child.

·        First and foremost to share the love of God with each abandoned child and government staff worker at the orphanages.                 

·        Provide each child with proper nutrition, clothing, education, medical assistance and humanitarian supplies to improve their quality of life. 

·        Improve each child’s mental and physical development through ‘hands-on’ therapy and daily interaction developing their motor skills and coordination. 

·        Encourage the children to learn and grow through reading, music, singing and drama. 

·        Assist in opening “Private Children’s Homes” for infants and toddlers giving each child a family to belong to and loving foster parents to guide them and raise them.  

·        Continue to recruit and train full-time missionaries to minister healing, hope and love unto the orphan children, providing for each child’s physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual well being. 

In Summary, our mission is to provide the orphan and abandoned children of Romania with the love, care and skills necessary to grow up to become productive adults. We believe that God will use these orphan children to bring healing, hope and love to the entire nation of Romania.

Our staff in Romania monitors and distributes all humanitarian supplies to each orphanage / small group home thereby assuring us that all supplies go directly into the hands of each child.

 How blessed is he who considers the helpless…Psalms 41:1

Hearts For Romania, a non-profit 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) charity


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