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Please help us and email to find out how you can make a difference to these needy children.

Dear Friend,

Today there are thousands of abandoned children in Romanian orphanages and small group homes! The devastation and hopelessness that Communism caused in Romania has changed the people and the country of Romania. At one time, Romania was the second most beautiful county in Europe, being compare to Paris. They called Romania the “Little Paris” of Eastern Europe.

But now, all that remains is a few historical buildings. Most all the homes in the countryside were bulldozed down by the Communists. The people of Romania, including the orphan and abandoned children, were forced to live in huge high-rise buildings made of concrete. What was once a beautiful country of rolling farmland is now filled with dark, gray apartments, orphanages and industrial buildings. To make matters worse the Romanian Government halted all adoptions in mid-1991 and they no longer allow Romanian orphan children to be adopted outside of Romania.

But in the midst of the darkness, Hearts For Romania has been able to minister the love of God to the orphan children in Romania, restoring love and care unto these children and instilling hope in them for their future.

Hearts For Romania missionaries
showing love for homeless children.

Hearts For Romania's missionaries implement many different programs to benefit orphan children and the needy. Our staff monitors and distributes all humanitarian supplies, thereby assuring us that all supplies go directly into the hands of each child.

We invite you to read the next section Our Story in which the founding directors, Frank and Diana Curcio share their mission on how the lives of hundreds of children can be blessed…… one by one.

Frank and Diana Curcio, founding members holding their daughter.

How blessed is he who considers the helpless…Psalms 41:1

Hearts For Romania,  a non-profit 501 (c3) charity
dedicated to changing the lives of the 
orphan children and the needy in Romania.
  All donations are tax-deductible. Federal ID# 91-1755351


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